73: Officer Mitch Brouillette on Benefits of School Resource Officers (SRO)



Officer Mitch Brouillette


Not only is Officer Mitch Brouillette a seasoned and knowledgeable law enforcement officer, but he is also caring, humble, and basically famous after 20M+ views of a DUDE. Be nice. video showcasing Heritage High’s gratitude for their very own School Resource Officer, Officer Mitch. Tune into this episode with licensed mental health professionals Nik Young and Alyssa Najera as Officer Mitch shares his experience as a former School Resource Officer (SRO), talks about the benefits of SROs on campus, and highlights the importance of building positive relationships with our youth and community.

Interview with Officer Mitch Brouillette

Mitch is an active veteran law enforcement officer with over 20 years of law enforcement experience. Mitch is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from California Coast University and graduated from the Stanislaus County Office of the Sheriff Law Enforcement Training Center. He has worked patrol, investigations (Special Victims / Crimes against children Detective), school resource officer and currently is serving as a patrol Sergeant.

Mitch is an active SWAT Team (15 years) member. His current role is team leader. He has held many different roles as a SWAT Team operator to include; Sniper/ Sniper Team leader, breacher, NFDD (flash bang) and chemical agents.

He is a Chemical Agent Instructor, NFDD (Flash bang) Instructor, ALICE Training Institute certified Active Shooter Response Instructor, Law Enforcement Active Shooter Instructor. Critical Incident response Instructor for CATO (California Association of Tactical Officers).

Mitch is a graduate of CATO’s (California Association of Tactical Officers) Strategic Leadership Program. He is currently part of the CATO training cadre and serves as CATO’s Vendor Coordinator for the CATO conference. He also holds certification as an NRA Pistol Instructor.


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