Alyssa Najera




Alyssa is typically calm and composed on most days, but often has difficulty containing her excitement about the little things in life. She can sometimes drift into day dreaming about the endless possibilities in life and usually the last one of the group to understand Nikki and Jolene’s punchlines.  She loves to laugh, spread positivity, and is often caught with a smile on her face.

Alyssa is also owner and CEO of a group private practice in the small town of Oakdale, CA. She and her team of clinicians and support staff help individuals, from children to the working professional, groups, and organizations in promoting mental wellness and education on trauma and anxiety through mental health services and training.

“Alyssa is a licensed psychotherapist, Child Welfare Services (CWS) Social Worker and Supervisor Alumni, and has a deep love and appreciation for small towns. We embrace the culture of small town communities and value the importance of relationship building, hospitality, collaboration, and community. These values are deeply rooted within the culture of our office and service to our clients, as we are committed to providing quality, confidential services.”                 


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