59: Recognizing And Responding To Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships have the potential of showing up in all areas of our life including work, social, and romantic relationships and even within family systems. Learn how to recognize signs of toxic relationships and tools to help you navigate through.

In this episode we talk about:

Potential Signs of Toxic Relationships

  • Blaming and accusing
  • Put downs or name calling
  • Jealousy
  • Making excuses or justifying behaviors of the other person
  • Excessive gossip
  • Putting you down to make themselves look better
  • Feeling bad about yourself when you are this person
  • Feeling like you’re always, “cleaning of their mess”

Areas of Life where Toxic Relationships Can Show Up

Ways to Respond to Toxic Relationships

  • Practice being assertive
  • Set boundaries by communicating what’s okay with you and what’s not okay with you
  • If possible, create space or distance
  • Take responsibility for your part, but don’t take responsibility for other people’s feelings, situations, or circumstances that you are not responsible for

Abusive relationships can be toxic, but toxic relationship are not necessarily abusive.

  • If you are worried about your safety or think you may be in an abusive relationship visit thehotline.org for Domestic Violence Support

Resources mentioned:

We’ve pulled together any resources mentioned in this episode and put together some links:

National Domestic Violence Hotline


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