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5 Ways to Survive the Holiday

  5 Ways to Survive the Holidays The holidays are a beautiful thing, but for many of us they can also be real stressful! Join the Therapists Uncut team for 5 ways to survive the holidays, including talk about traditions, personal boundaries,…

How Sleeping and Eating Can Impact Your Mental Health

  How Sleeping and Eating Can Impact Your Mental Health   In this episode we talk about:   Sleep and eating habits are fundamental components to maintaining our overall physical and mental health. Yet, when life gets busy it’s easy to…

What You Need To Know About Road Rage

  What You Need To Know About Road Rage   Road rage is something many of us if not most of us struggle with from time to time. Whether you are the driver that’s tailgating, excessively honking, racing, or intimidating others as a result…

The Life Lessons of Distance Learning

Adjusting to Distance Learning has been one hell of job for most families. With the added layers of complexities and barriers, it’s easy to hyper-focus on things that, in the long run, don’t really matter. Hear the struggles but also solutions to…

Managing Stress And Priorities When Everything Feels Urgent

Managing stress and competing priorities can feel impossible, at times. Nikki, Jolene, and Alyssa share tips that work for them and explore different styles that may help you on your personal journey of getting your sh*t together.

Things To Consider When Navigating Difficult Conversations

A conversation is a two-way street, despite whether or not you share the same perspectives. However, disagreements and differing views sometimes put us at high risk of making assumptions and placing judgement. Emotions can run high, defense walls go…

The Power Of Community, Respect, And Dialogue

Despite feeling like “Rona is splitting the Country,” Nikki, Jolene, and Alyssa explore the power of both the individual and community during not only the stressful times, but at all times. They discuss the importance of engaging in dialogue with…

Using Self-Care To Cope With Stress

Therapists Uncut explores the not so subtle ways stress can negatively impact our lives. They discuss personal experiences from the 2020 Nationwide Shelter-In-Place order and the importance of using self-care to cope with stress.

Mental Health Awareness Month During COVID Let’s Talk About It

T-Uncut discusses how to cope, Social Distancing, recent virtual mishaps, and whether or not we are really all in this together.

Introducing the Therapists Uncut Podcast

The Therapists Uncut Podcast was created to make mental health more relatable for everyone through casual conversation, guest interviews, and real talk with friends who happen to be therapists.